Monday, January 6, 2014

A Comfy & Casual Winter's Day

Nothing like a day filled with both snow and sun! My mother kept talking about how cold it was here in Colorado, but in my mind it is never that cold as long as it is above zero (Wyoming really does give you thick skin!) My biggest need for winter is layers! I always make sure I have tank tops under my sweaters and then cardigans to go over the sweaters plus an actual coat and then always scarfs! I also make sure I have good footwear. While I want to keep everything looking good, I am much more concerned with not slipping on any ice or getting my socks wet. I am a lover of duck boots because, in my opinion, they are super cute and they have wonderful grips on the bottom. Well that is about it for today, make sure you keep warm, safe, and stylish this winter season....Perry and I wish you to have a FABULOUS day! 

Cardigan - 89th and Madison from TJ Maxx
Sweater - Say What from TJ Maxx
Scarf -
Jeans - American Eagle
Earrings - Old Navy
Bracelets - Thrift Store, Lion King Store, & Homemade
Socks - Hospital Socks (don't judge!)
Boots - High Sierras from Mervins

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Needed Clothing Essentials

Being on a college budget usually means that a student's closet cannot have every desired item of clothing imaginable, but instead it should hopefully have the everyday needed pieces in high quality condition. Living in Laramie, where it is windy, freezing, and often covered in snow, many of my must have pieces tend to be on the more covering side. So here is a list of my fundamental closet pieces:

1) Sweaters
I live most of my life in sweaters, from May to September I might incorporate regular tops and shirts but even in the summer I incorporate thin sweaters. Other than loving them for the warmth they keep in me, I love how classy they are. Just pairing a nicely made sweater with a pair of chic jeans creates a pulled together sharp look.

Merona® Women's Peter Pan Studded Collar Pullover Sweater - Assorted Colors

2) Flowy Tops
While I tend to like my sweaters to be fitted and use them to show off my silhouette, I love big flowy tops for comfy laid back days. My absolute favorite is the Piko shirt! They are absolutely comfy and are actually extremely flattering even with the absence of any structure.

3) Oxford Tops
Coming from Boston originally, I tend to have a preppier style (especially compared to all of the camo I find myself surrounded by in Wyoming). An oxford shirt is yet another piece that makes an outfit classier and they tend to be very fitted so they show off the beauty of a woman's curves in a completely sophisticated way.

4) Cardigans
I don't think I will ever feel like I have enough cardigans. They are such a convenient piece to have in the wardrobe because they can add that extra layer to keep you warm but they also can bring a whole outfit together if they are patterned or if they are in neutral tones they can be put over absolutely anything.

Wool cotton-blend cardigan
5) Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
I will be completely honest, other than having one pair of black jeans, every single pair of jeans I have are dark wash skinny jeans. My legs are on the really long side, especially when compared to my short torso, and they also happen to be rather skinny from my years of ballet. I find that skinny jeans are the most flattering on my body and by having the pairs be dark wash I can dress them up/dress them down.

6) Leggings
I found fleece lined black leggings at Walgreens for $5 a pair...they pretty much have become my life. They are comfy, they are thick, they go with everything, enough said.

Basic Leggings
7) Classy Mini Skirts
If I could wear a skirt every single day of my life I most definitely would. However, the -30 degree weather along with the 50 mph wind usually makes this dream of mine impossible. I always tend to go with mini skirts but always appropriate lengths (I still do the bend over test in front of my mirror like my mother made me do in high school). Skirts are another great piece that can either be dressed up or dressed down depending on the pattern, material, and color of the piece.

Pink Pattern (Pink) Miss Real Curve Yellow and Pink Boucle Skirt | 283064679 | New Look
8) Skater Dresses
Being in theatre I have to have items in my closet that can put together multiple audition outfits. I find the simplest way to put a look together is a skater style dress. They are flirtation and feminine without being overly sexy and they tend to be extremely flattering to a female's figure.

Xhilaration® Junior's Bowback Fit & Flare Dress - Assorted Colors

9) Blazers
When I don't need a full on parka or a cardigan isn't enough I find that one of my blazers does a great job of keeping me warm. A blazer is yet another piece that can be used for so many different types of outfits. Obviously it is key in the business world but I also find that it is great to use as a jacket when going out and can also be dressed down and perfect for class.

10) A Heavy Coat
As I have mentioned, I live in one of the coldest places in our country so keeping warm is very very VERY important. I'll admit that when I went shopping for my parka it took hours for me to finally settle on an item because I just didn't find anything I found stylish as well as useful but finally I found my Calvin Klein double layer winter coat that has worked wonderfully for me.

So while I definitely have quite a large variety of clothing in my closet, I must say that if all the clothes in my closet were burnt, these would be the first pieces I would buy again immediately.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and have an absolutely FABULOUS day!